What healthy means now.

For more than 80 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has been guided by our mission of Making a Healthy Difference. We take this purpose seriously — as a compass for our business and, more importantly, how we serve our communities and customers.

We have had the honor of positively shaping how customers manage and experience healthcare for decades. But with the momentous shifts taking place across the industry, we are challenged to do more and be more. The upheaval in our healthcare system affects everyone, but consumers most of all. As complexity and costs cascade down, people are struggling to manage and navigate their healthcare needs effectively.

The status quo isn’t working. Now is the time to step up and solve it.

At the heart of Stella is an unwavering focus on the lives and needs of those we serve.

At this moment of great change, we are proud to introduce Stella, a new kind of health services company with an ambitious vision to serve more people in more valuable ways than at any point in our history. At the heart of Stella is an unwavering focus on the lives and needs of those we serve. Health is a profoundly personal idea. Stella was built to reconnect individuals with whatever they need to live healthier lives, powered by deep understanding and a better experience at every point.

Stella unites our core business with a full spectrum of solutions and services ready to serve people in Minnesota and across the country. It comes to life in many ways: from investing in pioneering startups to our own organic innovation and businesses. Stella draws on the talents and contributions of people across the company while leveraging data and technology to bring us closer than ever to the people we serve. Driven by deep empathy and intimate insight, Stella allows us the freedom to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

The Stella story is just beginning. In the coming months, you will see this vison unfold. We look forward to strengthening our long-time customer partnerships as we develop new relationships and new ways to make a healthy difference.


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